Donation to Clubhouse International of Zimbabwe


October 16, 2015


the-flossing-of-the-bad-mouth-boysDear Shingi Mavima,

Roland and Sherrie Lasher, RSL Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan, are donating (12) copies of our newly released book, “The Flossing of The Bad Mouth Boys” along with (12) posters and crayons to the CLUBHOUSE International for some of the children in Zimbabwe.  We are excited to be able to help children around the world to learn how to care for their teeth and how important good oral hygiene as they grow.

We appreciate your enthusiasm about sharing the book with the West Michigan Refugee Center and hope they will be interested in the book as an educational resource for other children.

We would really appreciate everyone going to our website and clicking on the KidsSmileSmart facebook link and like our facebook page.  It would be great if you would keep us updated about how the children like the book and send us some photos of the children coloring along with some comments from their teachers or family.


Roland K Lasher

Sherrie K Lasher


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