Over 30 Years On the Drawing Board


Over 30 Years On The Drawing Board… Now Ready for Publishing & Review
The Flossing of The “Bad Mouth Boys” … Color Me Fun & Learn About Your Teeth

Released August 2015, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  IMAGINATION FOR SALE— so catchy and original are the characters and story line — the book is sure to stimulate children’s imagination while they learn about their teeth. The pending book launch of The Flossing of The “Bad Mouth Boys” and The Battle of Gum Gulch and Molar Ridge has worldwide distribution potential, as well as, character products and a wide range of marketing possibilities including on-line sales.

In 1976 Roland Lasher Associates, published their first book “How to Hear and Speak in C.B. In A Short• Short”.  The book was introduced at the ’76 World Book Show in Chicago.  Tab Books brought, published and distributed the C.B. paperback.  The book sold over 35,000 in a heavily saturated market place due to the huge popularity of C.B. radios at that time.  Inspired by the modest success of the C.B. Book, Roland Lasher & Gene Cross collaboratively designed and illustrated ‘The Bad Mouth Boys” coloring / activity book.  Cross tragically, passed away before the book was completed and Roland has kept the book on the drawing board for over 30 years determined to explore its potential.

In 2013/14 Team Lasher updated the pages consistent with the original artistic style and digitized all the artwork for reproduction. The Lashers are dedicating the release of NeWisdom Art’s first activity/coloring book to Gene Cross, a good friend, creative partner and amazing artist. Gene was best known for his Calligraphy, and many set designs and illustrations in the Hee-Haw show in the 70’s.  A special thanks also goes to Tim Bruce, a talented Grand Rapids, Michigan cartoonist and Illustrator.  Together with Roland’s direction and creative input Tim was able to help create and update some of the books pages consistent with the original artistic style. They have already started working on NeWisdom Art’s 2nd book for children with cancer – Introducing “Captain Kemo”© and a host of inspirational characters fighting the battle together to learn about the Chemotherapy treatments and experience.


     In Book One Macintosh Apple, the narrator of the story, introduces the cast of cartoon characters: “The Bad Mouth Boys”— Sweets, Bacteria, and Plaque, Our Hero “Pete Prevention”, The Stories Heroine “Debbie Dazzle”. Other characters featured in The DREAM TEAM Poster include: X-Ray, Brush, Flossy (Pete’s Lasso), Dazzle, and Rinsey.

     In Book Two — Macintosh tells the story about how “Pete Prevention” saves Debbie Dazzle’s Smile from the “Bad Mouth Boys” at The Battle For Gum Gulch and Molar Ridge. The 44-pages of coloring, activities, i.e., connect-the-dots, solve-the-puzzles and quizzes, make it fun for children to learn about their teeth. The book comes with a foldout poster and a box of crayons. The Color Me poster features THE DREAM TEAM characters for daily-care inspiration for kids to color and hang on the wall in their room. It also has a chart to write their name and track their checkups.  Even though the book concept has been in development since the 70s/80’s it is relevant and timely in today’s market place. There are a number of products already available for sale on the shelves with toothpaste shaped like crayons, cleaver toothbrushes and flossers. During local test marketing a limited number of Christmas/Holiday packages sold included: the coloring book, a box of crayons, and a folded poster with an introductory price of $9.95, normally suggested retail of $12.95. The interest conveyed during the test-marketing period has generated a lot of —“WOW”— reaction and has exceeded our expectations to date. The book and collateral materials can be customized for corporate branding recognition and international sales. Plan to sell locally and on Amazon.com starting Jan/Feb.


Roland Lasher’s award winning career reads like a novel … he is an international pioneer and visionary in image building and graphic design, setting unprecedented creative and production standards in the design industry. Including many successful worldwide product launches in multiple languages in 44 world markets. Lasher was the preferred world graphic designer and consulting vendor for Amway Corporation International for 20 years. Currently he has a design studio and home gallery where he surrounds creativity with his family team and creative partners. Roland Lasher is creatively multitalented — Creative Director, Author, Photographer, Fine Art Painter, Craftsman, and illustrator. His wife and partner, Sherrie Lasher, is a graphic designer, watercolor artist, web designer and works directly with their web developers. The lasher team exemplifies the “Creative Spirit in Motion” and the results of their combined talent and vision position their many clients’ products and services a part from their competition. The Lasher Creative Team — Designs and produces all of their marketing materials, i.e., copy platforms, posters, flyers brochures, illustrations, web design and development, animation etc.



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