Puppy Bird

“…My name is Puppy Bird O’Malley, cockatiel extraordinaire, and this is the story about my life.  I have been blessed with many miracles, adventures and loving people. I was hatched in small town in Illinois in 1989.  A bird’s nest of hatchlings is called a clutch.  The number of eggs in our clutch was only there.  When I was 4 weeks old, MOM MOLLY adopted two of us.  We left our brother clutch mate and went to our new home…”

From the time I arrived in my new home, my life has been a series of adventures:  full of excitement, lots of drama, sadness, happiness, and many many rewards  I hope boys and girls all around the world will have fun reading my story and learn how my life experiences are not much different from other peoples lives.  When I look back on my life, I have come to realize, I am a better bird for having lived and experienced each adventure.  You’ll have to read my book to find out how I got my name,  and why my last adventure has been the best one of them all!

Boys and girls enjoy ready my story and have fun coloring the pages.

Your Friend,  Puppy Bird O’Malley

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